Microsystems & Biophysics of Tissues

Dr. Claus Fütterer

Teaching schedule

Univ. Karlsruhe: Tutorials in Theoretical Physics

Univ- Saarbrucken: Tutorials in Nonlinear Physics

Univ- Saarbrucken: Tutorials in Theoretical Physics

Institut Curie: Biophysical Methods & HTP (2003-2007)

Jacobs University: Biophysical Methods HTP (2006, 2007)

Microfluidics (Helmholtz School 2007)

Leipzig Biophysics Lecture I (2009/20010)

Leipzig Biophysics Lecture II (2010)

Leipzig Biophysics Lecture I (2010/2011)

Literatur seminar to Biophysics Lecture II (2011)

Atom and Nuclear Physics (2011)

Atom and Nuclear Physics (2012)

Molecular Physics (2012/2013)

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