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Dr. Claus Fütterer

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    The art of electrophysiology is going towards high throughput. The reason is that tissues especially neuronal tissues are of extrem complexity requiring sophisticated research methods. As time is an im portant factor for advance in research we designed the presented perfusion system We are also using it in our experiments. As developpers AND users we believe to be on a level to understand the requirements. This system is also suited for applying spatio-temporal stimuli to cells and tissues and for screening assays e. g. for cross and side effects or for optimizing therapy.

    The most recent development is an integrated compact multichannel perfusion systems for cell and tissue research. This system guarantees a constant buffer flow while switching between 8 channels. The buffer over the cells is exchanged in few seconds or even sub-second range.


    New appropriate materials and methods for pattern and chip fabrication as well as improvements in flow control and channel design are a scope of research. High throughput - to get sufficient statistics - and superior control of the cellular environment by miniaturisation is a pre-requisite for all computational biology. Thousands of cells should be screened in one single experiment under the same conditions. As an example I developped in collaboration with two neurobiologists a new perfusion system allowing for unprecedented quality of environment control of cells and tissues. An international patent is submitted and a major publication with first results in preparation. The system is currently used to measure quantitatively the kinetics of Glycine gated Chloride channels in transfected HEK cells and different Calcium channels in cells and retina slices.


    Development of pressure controller in Institut Curie. This propotype system allows an extreme precise positioning of nanoliter droplets in microchannels. We used this system intensely for electrophoresis and cell sorting experiments.

    .This is an 8-channel propotype which can be controlled via USB.

    .System working on a microscope.

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